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Oasis Designer Outlet is first of its kind in Istanbul on a single floor GLA of 28.000 sqm with a center piazza and 4 anchors on 4 corners. As the first concept designer outlet, in order to target wide audiences it has diverse entertainment and sports facilities. The location is based on a sustainable influx of visitors from surrounding businesses, residential compounds and two major airports, one being the largest airport in the world. As being a mixed-use lifestyle project, it leads the sector as an example and for its region it is the only project which consists a diversity.

Innovation starts with the site plan of the project. As an open air shopping mall we have incorporated a road passing through the middle of the project connecting the major streets on two sides. As a principle we target short stay and long stay visitors. This connecting road as well as the short term outdoor parking facility in front of the food retailers targets short stay visitors.

As a design concept it is an open air shopping village with four anchors in four corners and one grand piazza in the middle. All the F&B units are in the middle facing these entertainment facilities which we call foodtainment. In the South corner facing the highway there will be the food retailer of 1.000 sqm with good access for the quick shoppers who can park their cars to the limited amount of parking in front. The major parking structure is in the middle of the mall and the clients shall go through the mall to access the food retailer. In the East corner there is a bulk of home furnishing outlets with stores averaging 1.500 sqm. These should attract clients especially from the residential neighbourhoods as well as from the whole city since there is no other bulk collection of home furnishing at outlet prices in Istanbul. In the North corner there is entertainment complex of 2.200 sqm where the focus is on physical activities for all age groups. In the East corner next to the office tower within the mixed use project there is a fine dining concept with 600 sqm which would target the business people.

As the developer of the first open air mall in Turkey 20 years ago, we have analysed the customer trends, expections and developed the most sustainable mall in Istanbul from the perspective of customer demand diversity. OASIS will be the first designer outlet in Turkey.  Its unique location between two airports will enable to attract an innovative shop & fly experience for short term passenger going through one of the busiest hubs in the world.


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